Strengthen Your Brand Image: Blank walls are boring and generic art is drab. Make a strong impression and create the image you want to convey by displaying original fine art.

Spark Creativity: A dull office lends itself to uninspired employees and low productivity, but an office filled with original artwork spurs creativity.

Customer / Client Experience: Original art creates an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Affordable: Wouldn’t you love to have an office filled with original art? When you are trying to keep an eye on the bottom line, purchasing original art isn’t always an option. Leasing artwork allows you to enjoy original art for a fraction of the purchase price.

Tax Deductible: That’s right! When you lease art, it’s a tax deductible operating expense.

No Commitment: You can change your surroundings as often as every three months with art rental and avoid buyer’s remorse.  Shorter rental periods are available upon request.

Try Before You Buy: Are you looking to make a purchase? Renting art allows you to live with it before committing to a purchase.

Support Chicago’s Working Artists: A portion of every rental goes straight into the artist’s pocket. You can feel good knowing that you are supporting the growing career of a Chicago artist.

Talking Point: People notice original art! It’s a great conversation starter.

It’s EASY: Art rental is easy! HangItUp Chicago works with you to make sure that all installations and rotations are smooth and do not disrupt your work environment. And, we provide a free initial consultation, so all you have to do is call.