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We are always looking for talented artists.  HangItUp Chicago is a privately owned business that specializes in partnering local artists with local businesses.  Because we are focused on furthering the careers of local talent, we only accept submissions by Chicagoland artists.  Upon review and approval of your submission, you will become part of HangItUp Chicago’s roster of local artists whose work is available to be rented or sold.  We do not keep inventory.  Instead, we maintain a digital portfolio of our artists work.  When your work is chosen by one of our clients we will contact you directly to arrange for the delivery and installation.  HangItUp Chicago will work with you and the client to oversee the installation.

There is no cost to you as the artist.  All rental contracts require the client to prominently display an artist bio for the duration of the rental period.  Additionally, HangItUp Chicago works with the client to provide the artist with free publicity either in the form of an e-mail to customers, space on the client’s web site or a write-up in their monthly newsletter.  A portion of the rental fee is applied towards this marketing effort.  HangItUp Chicago receives a 30% commission for all sold work.

If you are interested in having your work considered to be part of HangItUp Chicago, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Digital portfolios should be submitted to
  • Please include a resume and statement about your work.
  • Submit no fewer than 5 images of your available work.  Digital images should be JPEG file format with a 72 dpi resolution and size no greater than 800 pixels in width.
  • In lieu of digital images you may submit a web site link, but be sure to include your resume and artist’s statement.
  • We assess pieces for originality and quality.  We accept submissions of paintings, framed drawings, framed photography, sculpture, mobiles and mixed media.  We do not accept video installations.
  • If your work is selected for further review, we will contact you to arrange a time to view your work in person.
  • If you have any questions about the portfolio review process, please call us at (847) 710-1296 or email

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